The Paul Sullivan Academy has set out its values for the provision and delivery of its training services. Please take the time to read them as set out below and ensure that our values are suitable for you or your business.


  • Customer Excellence – We at Paul Sullivan Academy are completely focused on our customer success. We want all attendance or in-house recipients of our first class training and delivery to have an experience, not simply feel like they have attended a standard lesson. Whether you access our courses online or in person, it is important that the level of pre and post attendance customer service is second to none.
  • Added Value – It is the number one goal that all training delivered onsite at the Paul Sullivan Academy delivers real added value. Our courses are designed to be interactive and task driven, teaching “the why” as we show you how “to do”. We want you to become promoters of the PS Academy experience and to do that we work to deliver a consistently high level of training and personal care.
  • Social Mobility –  The Paul Sullivan Academy is working with a number of groups and government agencies to help deliver digital training skills to those in need the most. This typically focuses on those with low academic scores and with limited funds to private training.
  • Teach to Do – Our ethos is that whilst we pride ourselves on delivering training to those in positions to further their careers, we also focus on those that aren’t in positions of employment and may have learning difficulties. Our teach to do courses enable us to help skill-up those who may have the knack but not the know how.

If you would like to sponsor someone and give them the opportunity to upskill in digital marketing or web design or would be happy to provide work experience or employment to local residents please do get in touch ask for Colin Campbell-Austen on 0203 637 4425.

Some of our recent attendees: